5 Collections You Need in Your Bullet Journal

When I first started my bujo journey, I could not wrap my head around collections. Why would I waste valuable journaling real estate on a list of TV shows I’m watching? I was so closed minded, I just didn’t get it. After a few years, and a ton of inspiration from the bujo community, I started to see the value of collections… I even started to use some…

So what is a collection, anyway? A collection is any page in your bujo that is a grouping of similar things. Clear as mud? Okay, so technically your future log is a collection, and so is your habit tracker. For the sake of this article, a collection is one of those lists that you customize for your own reference. Let’s go back to the TV show example… say you start watching a Netflix Original Series that’s brand new. It’s great, it’s funny, it’s moving. You know you want to watch the next season. Are you going to remember what it’s called or how much you loved it in 12 months? Write down the title of the show and next season’s release date. Or, if you’re like me, you might start a long running show like Supernatural from the beginning… and then get distracted by The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. That show is rad. Anyway, how am I supposed to remember which season/episode I left off? A collection would be a great reference in that case, if I had bothered to keep one. Which I didn’t. So… I guess I’ll have to watch all 14 seasons of Supernatural from the beginning.

Now that you know what they are, here are some unique collections that you may not have considered. I find them brilliant, and hopefully so will you!

1. A Career Page

Whether you’re just out of college or a twenty year vet at your company, everyone can benefit from tracking their career. Create a collections page to keep track of contacts or professional development. This type of collection is awesome for tracking events, like conferences, that need to be in your CV. You can also use a career collection to reference important info like license numbers. Whatever your career goals, make sure you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Jenny from @jenninajournal created this spread to track her internship/job applications and professional network.

2. Recommendations

Everyone has one. They read an amazing book, or go to an awesome restaurant. They tried a new toothpaste that made their mouth taste like sparkles and sunshine for 24 hours. Your friends and family, and the occasional stranger at Target, will recommend things to you. Unfortunately, these recommendations are almost never at the right time. When I’m standing in front of the bookshelf at 10:30 at night looking for a new book to read, my bestie isn’t normally there. I would text her, but it’s 10:30 at night so… Should I just read Harry Potter again?

No! I mean, yes… obviously I should read Harry Potter again… but NO! I should check my recommendations page for that new and exciting book that my Aunt Carol told me about three months ago! Maybe that isn’t a great example (did I even bother to buy that book?) but you get the point. Easily answer all those annoying questions in life: Where should we go to eat? What do you want to watch? What essential oil do I use to bring positive energy into my life? A recommendation collection has you covered.

This media page by @nicole.josephinee is so fun!

3. Lettering Reference Pages

An alphabet page is a great resource in your journal. If you want to create beautiful headers quickly, you need reference material. I know I don’t always have time to scroll through alphabets on Pinterest, and sometimes my lettering suffers because of it. A couple of gorgeous hand lettered alphabets in your journal are the perfect reference for a quick header.

If you prefer a little more variety, create a ¼ page for each letter! Use a variety of styles on that quarter of a page, and you’ll never have to look up how to write a “cursive z” again.

This gorgeous 3D alphabet by @planwithady is a perfect resource for san serif capitals, and a really cool font effect. Looks easy enough… just kidding. Those letters are straight up perfect.

4. Yearly Goals Spread

As a teacher, I know that data is useless if you don’t know what you’re measuring. I struggle with trackers for this exact reason… I’m measuring the wrong metrics. (In fact, I posted about it over here.) Having a goals spread helps you remember your priorities as you move through the year.

@hellohelery_art incorporated a review for her goals collection. If you forget your mistakes, you’re doomed to repeat them.

5. Chore Lists

Nobody likes to do chores, but we’re all happier when they get done! If you don’t have a ton of time, or a ton of money, some chores may be forgotten. Have you ever looked up at your ceiling fan and cringed at the monster dust bunny devouring the blade? How long has it been since I dusted that thing… ugh, disgusting.

Keep track of the chores that need doing in your bujo! Include a regular schedule to help you form daily and weekly routines. Create a tracker for monthly or quarterly chores, like scrubbing the baseboards, so that you remember the last time you did it.

I like to add a little whimsical flare to my chores list… it makes them more fun? Right? No. No it doesn’t.

Collections are a fun way of adding lists, trackers, and other information to your bujo, but they can be great tools, too. They can help organize and balance your career, personal goals, and home life.

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