My Favorite Instagram Feeds for Bujo Inspo

One of my favorite things about journaling is the creative outlet it offers. Each monthly, weekly, or collection spread is a new opportunity to practice my artistic skills. Even my handwriting is getting better… sort of. Okay, maybe not. Anyway, if you love making beautiful spreads, you might find that you need a little inspiration sometimes. Instagram is my favorite platform for beautiful, unique bujo spreads. My favorite feeds offer inspiration for lettering, doodles, layouts, and organization! These are the best of the best, in my opinion, in no particular order.


Holly’s feed is great for creative layouts. She posts almost exclusively journaling related shots, though you can learn a little more about her everyday life in her stories. Follow this feed for creative dutch doors and cut-out weekly spreads. She is the queen of weeklies! Plus, her feed is so darn cozy! I love seeing her posts pop up.


Mary is an artist with a consistent, beautiful feed. If you love clean lines and great design, you must follow her account. Her pen and ink work is on point, and her spreads are completely reproducible (minus the amazing decorations… maybe someday she’ll sell planner stickers?)


A mix of art, hand lettering, and beautiful bullet journal spreads; Lisa’s feed will give you bujo envy. I love the gorgeous watercolor accents she uses in her journal. The feed is also warm and cozy, full of rich colors and soft lighting. It feels like a fairytale!


If you want a cheerleader on Instagram, follow Nicole. She is passionate about planning and organization, and wants to help you out! The @plansthatblossom highlights section is a wealth of information. My favorite thing on Nicole’s feed is her step-by-step doodle tutorials. Plus, some truly epic “after-the-pen” posts that make you thankful that your schedule isn’t that nuts!


Mark is an awesome dude with a great journal to share! He works in a pocket-sized planner, but has been on a journey to digitize with his new iPad. It is fun to watch how he uses both tools to create his new system.


Oh my goodness, the animal faces. Jess posts some simple, useful spreads that are decorated impeccably. She does a great job balancing the display of her incredible talent with the utilitarian bujo spreads. @handmadebyjesslee is a feed for beginners to follow, for sure. Her feed is a great mix of themes, styles, and materials. A great follow!


Another lady who gives me total planner envy, and I love it! Julia’s feed has a little of everything. Her doodles are adorable (and she does tutorial spreads), I love seeing her after-the-pen posts, and her cover pages are works of art. Go follow her, and while you’re there check out her highlights. Free phone wallpapers!


Masha has a light, airy feed full of fun doodles and bright colors. And the trackers. Oh the trackers! Every tracker you might ever want to see!


Stina is a master of minimalism. Every post is perfectly composed, as are each and every bullet journal spread. I love how gorgeous her pages turn out in pen and ink. In this case, less is definitely more.

There is nothing better than a beautiful color scheme. Mone creates beautiful palettes for each month, and uses color with precision and thought. She also posts lettering videos, which I find very satisfying to watch. I often check her profile just to see her first nine together, all coordinated and beautifully composed. Mone inspires my journaling and my instagram feed!


I couldn’t have a list of Instagram feeds without including BuJo and Cookies. Letizia posts gorgeous, simple spreads with beautiful color schemes. Her doodles and lettering are on point…and, I’m a sucker for a pun.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, these awesome feeds will give you tons of new ideas. All of these lovely humans are part of the amazing bullet journal community. They will provide just as much love and support as they do ideas! While you’re there, check out my feed @edelweiss_journals to follow my bujo journey.

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