Making Space for Daily Creative Practice

Sometimes it feels like there is never enough time in the day for creativity. Building a creative practice can be beneficially to your mind, body, and soul. Planning and reflection are all you really need to kickstart your creative habit.

How to Make Stickers at Home (2 Ways)

I see stickers everywhere. I get them as gifts in my subscription boxes. I see them plastering my student’s water bottles. I see bowls of colorful vinyl stickers in my favorite shops around town They offer a great way to personalize anything! But… being me… I’m not willing to pay for stuff that I might be able to make myself. The good news is, you can make stickers without fancy machines or materials!

5 Collections You Need in Your Bullet Journal

When I first started my bujo journey, I could not wrap my head around collections. Why would I waste valuable journaling real estate on a list of TV shows I’m watching? After a few years, and a ton of inspiration from the bujo community, I started to see the value of collections… So what is a collection, anyway? A collection is any page in your bujo that is a grouping of similar things. Technically, your future log is a collection and so is your habit tracker. Now that you know what they are, here are some unique collections that you may not have considered. I find them brilliant, and hopefully so will you!

The Ultimate Guide to Bullet Journal Themes

Bullet journals can be an amazing creative outlet, combining productivity and artistic talent! If you want to unlock your creativity in your bujo, consider using a simple monthly theme. Combining one or two simple themes in your journal can have beautiful effects!

How to Set Up a Digital Bullet Journal

Considering going digital? Here's how I set up my digital planner to be (almost) just like my bullet journal. With your tablet and smart stylus, you can go paperless without losing the benefits of the bullet journal system.